Price: $450.00
Description: This photography request is focused on getting as many great images of the entire team as possible. The coverage includes a full match or game to help ensure that all players are covered. The photographer will keep an eye out for great images of the coach and images of the team as a whole. Play time, substitution and game action are outside of our control - there is no specific minimum number of images of each player guaranteed. However, we do our best to provide a very extensive coverage. This package includes ten ( 10 ) large or extra large individual Collages or Black & White Standout Feature prints.  Additional player/collage print would be $45.00 each.  In addition you will be give a discount code for 30% off your online print orders.  Friends and family will also be able to order online and use this too.
*Remember when purchasing our Standard Photography Request, that your photography request fee is applied to any package order that you place.

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