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I want pictures - how do we get them?


Easy! We are currently taking reservations for the 2010 club & High School season.

If you have any questions, you can contact us directly at: (425) 427-5323 or via email at: info@ZoomOnSports.com. If you prefer to keep your long distance bill down, I am happy to call you. Simply email me your name and phone number!

If you know you are ready to place a request, click here to place it!

Not quite ready to purchase a coverage, do you have more questions?

Read on! Lots of common questions are answered here. Or give us a call or send an email - we're happy to explain this personally.


Do you photograph every team?


Due to the sheer size of many tournaments (hundreds of teams/weekend) and weekend games, I am unable to photograph every team. Our photography services are offered on a request basis and are first come first served.

Requests are very easy to place and how to do this is described below.


If a tournament has multiple venues, will you photograph at all of them?

Unfortunately, no.

At this time we do not have sufficient staff to support more than one venue at a time.

If you place a request, but your team plays at a venue other than the one we are photographing in, we will issue a full refund.


When should we place our photography request?

As soon as possible. Our goal is to have received the maximum number of requests that we can handle per season before the season and tournaments begins. That way, during the year I can concentrate on what we are there for - photographing the stars and providing you with great images.


What information do you need to reserve a coverage?


The minimum information we need to reserve a coverage is:

  • I have a form I will Email you when you make the request
  • Tournament Name or Game location and time
  • First and Last Name of the person placing the request.
  • Contact information for person placing request (email and phone number)
  • The shipping address for the person placing the request.
  • The full Club and Team name of the team
  • Athlete's name and jersey number.
  • Payment information to reserve your coverage


So what are you waiting for? Place your request now!


Is there a minimum number of pictures guaranteed for a request?

Due to the variability of aspects of the game like player rotations, substitutions, quality of action in a game - all things which are out of our control - we do not guarantee a minimum number of pictures per game or per athlete.

We do the best we possibly can as photographers to ensure that we capture high quality images of as many different aspects of the sport as possibly, including those that may be specifically mentioned in the request.

If the photographer feels that there is reason to return to a team, we may return to a later game to get additional images.

To help ensure we get the best imagery possible, if you know that a particular game will not be a good one (your athlete is not playing, the other team won't provide good competition, etc.) please let us know so that we can increase our chances of getting you good images!


What happens once we have pictures?


Once we have photographed your athlete or team, the images will be made available for viewing at ZoomOnSports.com.  First we will download and cull the images, removing any that - for a variety possible of factors - don't meet our quality standards.  I will then send an email out to you so that will have step by step instructions to find your pictures.  You can forward that out to the team, parents and family members. You can make image selections and place any orders right there on line.


How do we order pictures?

Once the online pictures are processed and ready for printing I will post them to this site and send you an email link with the discount code.  You can then look through and order any you like. 

If you want to order a Collage, or Black & White Standout simply go to the Package page and choose the option you want.


What if my athlete doesn't play during the time the photographer is photographing the team?

We will do our best to make sure we get images of your athlete in action. However, if your athlete does not play during the time the photographer is at the court or field, or your athlete does not touch the ball during the time we are photographing, you will have a nice selection of court side, warm up portraits, cheers, huddles and on court/field portraits to select from. Our goal is to provide you with a nice selection of images of what your athlete was doing while the photographer was there, a good portrayal of your athlete as a player and a feel of the game or tournament. Once the photographer has provided a coverage, unless there is something technically wrong with the images (severe under or over exposure or out of focus) the request is considered fulfilled. To receive more images would require an additional request.


If I don't like the pictures, can I get a refund?


Yes, I do guarantee my work, so if you are not happy, just let me know.  I will do our absolute best to provide images that exceed your expectations!  I am passionate about what I do and want you to be happy.












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